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Initial Offerings!

Only the beginning of what's new at Personalize Your World, Hometown Threads

Initial Offerings
Bling Bling,  Bling Bling....   It is not your cell phone that is ringing, it is your Bling that is calling.. Ladies, be ready when your bling calls!  Personalize Your World with Custom Jewelry.  After all, The best accessory is the one that has YOUR name on it.  
 STICK IT with a Vinyl Monogram!   
Our team can put a monogram on anything! A car, a loptop, a purse, you bring it in and we will STICK IT!
Seersucker & Monograms, Ahhh warm weather is here!   Pastimes, purpose, those passionate flings; Fortunes and futures take uncharted swings,  Marriage, a mortgage, anniversary rings; Diapers, diplomas, as your life grows wings; OH, the memories they bring! Then warmth of summer the photos and the Seersucker sings!
Monogramed bag, never out of season, All you need is a reason! Personalize Your World and everything in it! Your bag is in the world, shouldn't it have a monogram?  Of course it should, it is only reasonable...and seasonable...and With Personalize Your World it is feasible. 

Bunnys, Baskets, Boots & Bows
Bunnies & Bows
Personalized Baskets of all shapes & sizes
Who ever said, "don't keep all of your eggs in one basket," never saw these baskets!  Our Easter Baskets are so darn cute,  you will want to keep all of your eggs and everyone else's in them. 
We Like BIG Bows. And we cannot lie!
Big bows allow for cute monograms.....Do you make your own bows?  if so we can monogram them for you...or you can choose for our wide selection of fancy BIG bows. 
Cute is as cute does! Monogram Her favorite boots or yours
Turn cloudy days into sunny days; Monogram boots are just the thing to keep your cuties dry during spring showers!  You will be amazed when you hear, "YAY! it's raining! Now I can wear my boots!

Oh Man, Your Man!
Tis the season of Grooms & Grooms Men, Graduations and Father's Day. . . It's right around the corner.
Best Man
GOLF is a four letter word
The thing is, it does't matter how you play.  What matters is how you look when you play.  When you play Golf, you should always look like a Pro.  Have you ever noticed how much embroidery a Pro Golfer wears?  We do, because we know where they get theirs....Wink Wink.
To Brand 
Can you work and Golf at the same time?  Yes You Can! AND you can do it without uttering a word, just let your shirt do the talking. Put your logo on your shirt and the orders will just fly in, even while you are on the golf course!
A Well Dressed Man:
Has monogram is a rule...or a law...Well, maybe it is a standard that we should all strive for.  Do we really need a law governing cufflinks? Can I have just a second to ponder that?.........Gosh it is a tough one..........Hmmmmm.......I say.........YES!....I mean no......Not really....But they are very nice Cufflinks, and they make a great gift.  
A Dopp kit is a small bag made of leather, vinyl, or cloth that is used to store men’s grooming tools for travel. Before this invention, men lived in caves and had never heard of razors, shaving cream, combs, shampoo, nail clippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste or cologne. In modern times you can purchase a Dopp kit at Personalize Your World and you can personalize it too!

Show Your Spirit
School Spirit
Rah Rah REE! Get your Soccer T'ee
Soccer Mom, Baseball Mom, Team fan, We've got you covered! 

You can customize your spirit so it fits your own personality!  Sure you want to root for the home team, you just want to do it better!  We understand, that is why we are here. 

Close your Eyes! (after you read the next sentence) 
Picture yourself in a boat on a river, With tangerine trees and marmalade skies, Imagine how awesome you look with the great outfit you created at Personalize Your World.......Pretty amazing isn't it?!....

Your Team, your uniform.    
Let Personalize Your World put your team's uniform together; SoftBall, KickBall, Curling, Tennis, Karate...If you bunch up, we will match you up! 

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